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Empowering the best version of you and your team to level up.


Working with businesses and individuals on health and wellness for 15 years.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Level Up Fitness has created a unique brand in the industry. Our head fitness coach, Nate, focuses on a wholistic approach to exercise science. His theories about movement and nutrition are founded in scientific studies and help encourage the health of humans.




7645 East Evans Road, Suite 130 Scottsdale, AZ 85260


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Areas of Specialty

Corporate Wellness

We love working with small businesses where we can personalize programs for individual employees. We specialize in companies under 20 employees, however, we are happy to build programs for larger groups.

Group Training

For those who like working out with positive reinforcement and friendly competition, we offer our semi-private training programs. These are in the gym at designated hours. All semi-private training includes specialized workouts tailored to your individual needs. 

Individual Training

We offer programs specifically tailored to your individual goals after an assessment is performed. Whether your goals are strength, physique, or weight loss we can accommodate you.


Nutrition Planning

We will help you design a nutrition plan that will work for you and push you towards your goals. The plans can be as general or as specific as you need. In general, our philosophy is to achieve health first and aesthetics secondary. We can work with you on nutrition with or without an exercise plan.

Corrective Exercise

If you find yourself in pain, or having muscle soreness and you are not sure why, we can help you correct the issues. Inefficient movement or inactivity can create areas of imbalance and weakness resulting in non-injury related pain. We specialize in helping people correct their movement patterns and strengthen any weaknesses to alleviate issues.

In-Home Training

For our friends that want the convenience of concierge level service, we are happy to provide in-home instruction. Any of the above services can be provided in your home. We will also consult with clients about building efficient in-home gyms.


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