Level Up Fitness
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2016 Level Up - 1 (3).jpg

Corporate Wellness Levels

Level Up

This is our basic corporate wellness plan and includes nutritional consultation's stretching classes and lifestyle coaching. To help professionals fit general health management into their everyday lives. Starting at $350/month.


Power Up

This is the more vast corporate fitness and wellness program. It includes nutritional consultation, personalized meal plans, personalized fitness plans, stretching and workout classes either at the gym or at your facility, and of course lifestyle coaching. The lifestyle coaching includes both on-site consultation as well as email communication. Starting at $500/month.


Boss Level

This package is for the company that is seriously invested in its employees' health, fitness, wellness and productivity. It includes components of both of the other package but also includes both on side and in gym training. There is also a monthly optional retreat bonus package for those companies trying to create a wellness center environment together with their employees. Starting at $1000/month

Training Levels

Individual Training

Private training programs at your convenience. Starting at $400/month.

Group Training

Semi-private training programs at designated times in the gym. Starting at $175/month.

In-home Training

Completely customizable training programs. Prices available after a consultation.